Compressive Big Data Analytics - CBDA

Solving Big Data Analytical Problems & Enabling Effective Decision-Making

CBDA may be the right tool at the right time to fix the usability of big data issues research teams, organizations and companies are experiencing today!

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CBDA Overview

Compressive Big Data (CBDA) is an innovative, customizable software platform that can transform incomplete, incongruent, and multiple source data into easily usable information for actionable insights. This new and differentiated framework finds solutions to key gaps in data and through its novel algorithm, projects what the missing or incomplete data would be. So previously unusable data can now be mined and analyzed.
Scalable across diverse data sets and industries, this CBDA framework yields proven results including more reliable forecasts, estimates, and data classifications, for improved business decision-making.
Healthcare systems working with biomedical and health analytics can now develop better patient diagnoses and treatment/care plans. CBDA also integrates easily into the EPIC electronic medical record platform. However, the CBDA software platform has broad application to ANY organization working with problematic and/or large, complex data sets to help with advanced analytics that move businesses forward.

About CBDA

The “Big Data” Problem

Life moves fast, business even faster. It’s not surprising that information technology has not kept pace with the rapid increase in the AMOUNT and COMPLEXITY of big data sets.
Inconsistent, missing, and multi-source data make mining big data for actionable insights challenging for all kinds of organizations-- corporations, health systems, governmental, non-profits, and more.
Put simply, unanalyzable data hinders all aspects of data analytics in every company working with big data. Business decision-making suffers when trend forecasting, computing probabilities, estimating likelihoods, and other advanced analytics are difficult or impossible to calculate or project.

Detailed documentation

CBDA provides detailed user-friendly documentation enabling users to customize the functionality, extend the application scope, and easily implement new ideas.

CBDA Video

CBDA Solution

So what if you make ALL your data usable for analytical outcome improvement or enhanced business projections?
Now you can with this Compressive Big Data Analytics (CBDA) platform. It’s fast, efficient, consistent, and results in reproducible results.
Developed by the Statistics Online Computational Resource (SOCR) Idea Lab and the Health Analytics Collaboratory, in collaboration with IT professionals from the School of Nursing and the School of Medicine at the University of Michigan, CBDA is now available for use by any company or organization by contacting Prof. Ivo Dinov.

The Power of CBDA

Free for academic education and research use

The CBDA software platform utilizes a unique algorithmic approach different from other similar platforms in the following ways:

  • Its use of a validated graphical data manipulation output technique;
  • Its efficient statistical computing method; and
  • It has a stable, scientific conclusion inference ensuring valid replication of results.

Easy to use and customize

Using the CBDA R-package is straightforward. All CBDA functions and components are peer-reviewed, validated, flexible, and extensible. Users may easily adjust parameters to suit their needs.

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