SOCR HTML5 Webapps

Some of the recently developed SOCR Webapps are included below. These applications are designed in HTML5 (using JavaScript and SVG Graphics) to run on any platform, operating system or device (including tablets and mobile devices), provided a modern JavaScript-enabled browser is used to access these resources.

SOCR Analytical Toolkit (SOCRAT)
SOCR Data Dashboard Webapp
SOCR PubMed Navigator
Motion Charts
Randomization, Resampling and Simulation Webapp
Bivariate Normal Distribution Calculators (2D + 3D): Stochastic (BVN1) and approximate (BVN2)
Normal Distribution Calculator
Distributome Probability Calculators, Virtual Experiments, Simulators
Probability Distributome Navigator and SOCR RShiny Probability Distribution Calculator
SOCR 3D Cell Morphometry Project
XTK/HTML5 Brain Viewer and BrainBook Painter
DataSifter: Sharing and Obfuscation of Sensitive Data
CBDA: Compressive Big Data Analytics
2D Interactive Voronoi Tessellation App
Machine Learning Autoencoder (ABIDE Data)
SOCR t-SNE Dimensionaltiy Reduction (TensorBoard) UKBB Machine Learning Modules
SOCR t-SNE Dimensionaltiy Reduction (TensorBoard) Interactive Visual Analytics using User-Specified Data
SOCR t-SNE Dimensionaltiy Reduction (TensorBoard) Longitudinal Analytics using ECG/EkG/EEG data
Interactive Virtual Hospital/Simulated Patient Data (VH/SimPat) App
Interactive Pressure Injury Prediction Model (PIPM) App
Econometrics Webapps
SOCR Rmd Data Dashboard App using US Jobs Ranking
Violin Chart
SOCR GitHub Resources, Apps, Code, Tools, and Services
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