This list represents the complete collection of charts provided as part of the SOCR Charts Java applet (must be synchronized with implementedCharts.txt). Help on Chart Applets and here are some Chart Activities.

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As of 2021, Java Applets are depricated ... Consider using some of these alternatives:

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Chart Activities Chart Applets
3D Charts
Java 3D Charts Applet
Cartography Activity
Cartography Java Applet
Histogram Activity
Histogram Stat Lab 1
Histogram Activity
Frequency-Data Histogram Applet
Histogram Activity
Raw-Data Histogram Applet
Index-Chart Activity
Index-Chart Applet
2D EM Mixture Modeling Activity
Expectation Maximization Mixture Modeling Applet
Motion Charts Activities
Java MotionCharts
HTML5/JavaScript MotionCharts
Pie Chart Activity
Pie-Chart Applet
Statistical Bar-Chart Activity
Statistical Bar-Chart Applet
Line-Chart Activity
Line-Chart Applet
Dot-Chart Activity
Dot-Chart Applet
QQ Normal Probability Plot Activity
QQ Normal Probability Plot Applet
Box-And-Whiskers-Chart Activity
Box-And-Whiskers-Chart Applet
Power Transformation Chart Activity
Power Transformation Chart Applet